MPLS VPNs or not? [ bust a gut laughing]

> 1991 ATM

Running DSL circuits everywhere (though not for much longer, at
this rate.) Not to mention voice and video, and even some IP

I almost included DSL in my original list of failed, telco originated
technologies, but the list was getting too long.

Obligatory off topic digression: My current happiness is based on
events of the year 1996, Common Era. In that year, we:

1) read Scott Bradner's post on NANOG in which he said that generation
   two of cable modems were pretty good (if Bradner says it works, it

2) read the DSL specs, and realized that not only did bellheads write
   them, but they were ATM based. Therefore, DSL would fail.

From the above, we decided our ISP should concentrate on high speed

over cable modems. Turns out, knowing what you are doing technically
does have advantages.... Of course, you will just have to take my word
for it as you lack the prerequisites to test this postulate.

good luck,

P.S. Did you know that there is an evolving generation of DSL
specs... that are Ethernet based? See:

for details (EFM is Ethernet in the First Mile.)