MPLS Backbone ASN Use - Best Practice?


   I'm working with a team of engineers to build an IP MPLS backbone,
with the intention of eventually offering MPLS VPN services (RFC
2547/4364). We have an existing IP transit backbone with an ASN
already in use. Our plan is to leverage our existing infrastructure
for both MPLS and IP transit services, as we are not in a position to
purchase new hardware and tranport for a dedicated MPLS backbone.

    - Is there an industry best practice or recommendation on using
the same ASN for both our IP transit service AND our MPLS service, or
do we use a dedicated ASN for each service?
    - I've noticed that large providers (like Level 3) use different
ASNs for MPLS (ASN 1) and IP Transit (ASN 3356), what are small and
mid-sized providers doing?
    - Is this a non-issue because customers don't really care what ASN
their provider is using to deliver IP MPLS services?


Brad Roldan