moving to IPv6

Have little experience in international networking, ain't we?

well it is sometime better to have a big pipe to the US than a two smaller
pipes to Europe and US :slight_smile:

Take Russian Internet for example: five largest ISPs all
have separate dedicated links to _different_ European and
North American backbones.

well just wait a few weeks, than - if nothing happens - about
20 Mbit/sec of Traffic now exchanged within germany will go over us.
Not because of a technical problems but due to political problems.
This concers nearly all traffic between the german commercial ISPs
and the academic part of the germany internet (DFN/WIN).
All majer isps have cancelled their contract with the dfn for 31/12/97
because the commercial isps are no longer willing to pay for access to
the academic networks. The traffic is going in both directions, but it
cant be right, that only one site pays. And only one AS (and customer ASes)
are accepted, but no AS from another ISP. This costs additional $$
BTW: a E1 contact with DFN costs about 6000$ a month + local loop to their next
access point!.

This seems to be a typical picture all around the world.
European connectivity is particularly convoluted.

yes, thats how the wourld comes together



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