Move all 9-1-1 to 8-5-5

Rob's bogon lists are good, but unless you have the processes in place to
keep it update to date (or hire an consulting firm to do it for you), its
about as useful as putting a list of "invalid" phone numbers in your PBX.
The lists change all the time, and unless you are a full-time LERG


it will probably get quickly out of date.

Of course, we can always use LDAP to keep all the PBX's updated.

Well, we use DNS to keep all of our resolvers updated with the latest IP
address changes and it works so well that most people never even think
about what is happening under the hood unless they are renumbering.

Compare this to what happens when the root hints file changes. In that
case you need processes and people or, more likely, you wait until
something breaks and then hire a consultant who updates your root hints
file for a nice fee. This is not the model I would use to solve the bogon

--Michael Dillon