Motion for a new POST NSF AUP

From: MX%"" 15-OCT-1995 23:24:02.30
Subj: Re: Motion for a new POST NSF AUP

A better use for your effort is to develop some hacks into majordomo or
another mailing list manager that can trivially make a list only accept PGP
signed (or whatever your favorite authentication system is) messages that
it can confirm with a public keyserver. At the very least all of the major
mailing lists that get regularly nailed by spams can transition and we can
get some authentication of the culprit.

---> Phil

  I had a situation several months ago where a member of the list
started spamming one of my lists because he was having problems
unsubscribing. After contacting his ISP, I initially had problems with
them because they flatly denied that the mail was originating from
their host. I introduced a minor modification into the SMTP server
which logged the IP address as well as the host name. This provided
the evidence that the mail was indeed originating from their host, and
they took the appropriate action.