Motion for a new POST NSF AUP

Ladies and Gentlemen......

A couple of interesting points have developed as a result of the latest
'spam event'. The first one is debatable, but I would like to comment,
that my mailbox received 'one spam message' (which I deleted in a few
milliseconds) that generated hundereds of 'anti-spam messages'. Causal
to the 'spam' I would like to refer to the anti-spam messages as
'son-of-spam' :slight_smile:

Second, it is somewhat clear that as long as we have 'spam' we will have
a causal event 'son-of-spam' . Neither 'spam' nor 'son-of-spam' are welcome
e-mail in most in-boxes, and I assume by the responses, many people find
'son-of-spam' just as annoying as 'spam'. Given that both sides of the
coin are correct (in their own perception space) as we have seen,
I would like to put this on the table to the network:

Should we define an new 'postNSF AUP' that addresses what types of messages
are Acceptable Use of the Internet? Should transit and end user providers
require customers to agree to 'the new "agreed upon someday" commercial AUP'?

Could we even agree on what a new AUP would look like? Most everyone
agrees that spam and son-on-spam are a waste of precious bandwidth, time,
and energy; and unacceptable messages detract everyone from more important
daily issues and ideas.

I motion we create a working group to develop a draft POST NSF AUP.