morning giggle

for your morning, or whatever time of day it is to you, giggle

Maybe he's trying to sell you some eCigars?

Oh my, this is too funny. In fact it reads like a 419 scam -- except the guy
gave a phone number ?

Uhu, same guy same phone number, claiming to be a developer in Dec 2012


Ah... they must want form #298446.3B-II; request for login shell and
root password from complete random stranger under dubious circumstances,
without justification.

It comes right after the form; request to un-send previous e-mail and
pretend it didn't exist :slight_smile:

Hmm, I thought that they were asking for form numbers

     # 298446.4 -- legal agreement for licensing of DNS zone data
     # 298446.4-A -- fee schedule for licensing of DNS zone data (currently $42M per line of data)
     # 298446.4-B -- affidavit that the text of the legal agreement (form 298446.4) -- all 403 pages of it -- has been indelibly tattooed on the licensee's body. Photographic evidence is required to be attached.
     # 298446.4-C -- notice of revocation of DNS zone licensing rights

Sadly, due to the slow speed of bureaucratic processes, I can never seem to get form -C out to the licensee before they've submitted -B. :wink:

- Pete