more spaces in PTRs, this time

Anyone?\\ net

dig -x 7200 IN PTR 1-179-180.11.cisp.totisp.\032net.

Typo I’d say. DB-drive DNS servers, which don’t keep their entries in traditional PTR-record text format, can fall victim to this. Rather than parse the text every times, they just spit out whatever is in the table column, even if it has embedded spaces. I’ve seen this happen in SnitchDNS.

-mel via cell

\032 is not a space.

Decimal 32 (0x20, \040) is a space.
\032 is a Ctrl-Z (26 decimal, 0x1a)



Ah, so a cross-base typo! :slight_smile:

-mel via cell

So, someone trying to "undo" in a GUI editor, or a failed attempt to exit 'vi'?


In DNS zone files (and dig's presentation format) backslashed numbers
are in decimal, not octal - RFC 1035, §5.1.


\032 is space. Go read STD13 aka RFC 1034 and RFC 1035.

FWIW, I took a look at my scans data and there's a lot of this around. Of
the 5477 PTRs with spaces, in approximately ~490 domains*, those with more
than twenty hosts with PTRs containing spaces are the following:

        2178 (still)
         961 misc (basically, domains that don't exist, garbage rdns, etc.)

Anyone from these orgs that cares can contact me offlist for more info,
or as someone who saw the post did, forward to the relevant people
and ask them to do the same. FWIW, some involve leading, some involve
trailing, but most contain spaces in the labels themselves.

* FSVO "domain"
** I had a contact at but she has since retired and they have
apparently kept introducing more bad rDNS.