More smurf networks. FIX YOUR ROUTERS.

If you took the time to write the script to find out if these people
have vulnerable networks, you surely can write something to do whois

I cant stand when people bitch about something, but do nothing about it.

Posting this on nanog is going to do little.. we can "ass-u-me" that most
people on here are quarter-clued-enough to no ip directed already.

Dalvenjah FoxFire wrote:

Actually I thought it was nice that someone took the time to pass on
what he had learned about this ongoing problem, especially after having
invested his time and effort. I didn't take this as bitching in the
least. Also, I am not so arrogant as to think that all of my customers
have every single router configured correctly... you can bet I checked the
list for all of our blocks.

Bil Herd