More Sidgemore on per-bit pricing

Um, actually, I think think you can get DSLAM's for about $700 per port or
less going by my recent informal surveys.

Router ports have been way overpriced for a long time. They were overpriced
when an AGS sold for 30K with a stack of ethernet, serial, and an fddi
port. Of course, back then the pricing model optimistically expected to
sell only a few thousand. They got even more overpriced later, and now
expect to sell hundreds of thousands.

What I've yet to find out is what sort of latency one gets with a DSL modem
as compared to a DSU...

I'm not sure DSL is somehow inferior technology (as Bob Metcalfe seems to
think from an article several years ago), or if it just represents a
(slight) change and a collapse of the fee structure.


Unless I'm misunderstanding you, you've misunderstood me. :slight_smile:

I'm not talking about the card, I'm talking about my proportion of the
amount the guy I'm buying from has to pay for _his_ uplink.

Bandwidth Costs Money.

-- jra

I don't want to speak for Jay, but I think he was talking about the cost
of bandwidth, not hardware or loops.