more on SF outage

The story is evolving, as you'd expect. An excerpt from the latest
update at the Chron is below. Nothing at this hour has appeared
on But go there and take a look and decide if
*your* colo has better stuff.

And now that we know this isn't enough . . . your move.


PS I am not a customer of 365 Main or any colo for that matter.

Once the final analysis of this event is provided, it is likely going to be
due to a failure of one of the redundant systems to handle the event as
designed due to a software or other low level failure. It's a very complex
system designed to exceed anything in the region as far as redundancy goes,
but as a result it's got a lot of moving parts, and like the space shuttle,
can fail unexpectedly. You can bet engineering is scratching their head and
calling in the vendors to figure out what went wrong. Last time this
occurred it took weeks to pinpoint the root cause.