> If what you propose hasn't been done in that already-existing forum,
> maybe there's a reason that would foretell the expected success
> of another parallel organization?
> -mo

Pizza & Beer at the meetings?


Pizza & Beer at the meetings were the main attraction of IPSPA.ORG.

Studies by major corporations indicate that pizza is the single
most motivating factor to get people more involved :slight_smile:

In addition, according to historians the US Declaration of Independance
was drafted over and over again, mainly due to the Samual Adams
Lager that was spilled on the parchment.

There are countless events of historical significance where either
pizza or beer have literally changed the course of human events.

It was also leaked to the press that the real secret to the early
success in talks at the Bosnian crisis was *not* the constant
NATO shelling. Someone simply called out for Pizza and Beer :slight_smile: