< condensed from Gordon's reply>

........................... Sounds good to me. Cause with the RBOCs
and Cable banging at the door, ISOC fumbling just as badly as the CIX,
people suggesting that the IETF needs to incorporate but no one there
finding time to do it, I sure do wonder who and/or what will ever manage
to preserve and protect the internet vision?

The irony of the situation is interesting. We are almost in complete
control of our destination. The US is in the process of an historical
telecommunications deregulation. The 'last mile' in wireless is moving
to DS3 by 1Q 96 and the FCC is opening it's procedures as never before.

Meanwhile, with a wide open ocean, sunny skies and an unprecedented
tail wind.... we can chart our own course and destiny. We all understand
that telecommuncations is the corner stone of the democratic process.
We all understand the power of the media. We all understand that united
we grow, divided we fall. But most important of all, we all know in
our hearts that technical progress without an basic foundation in
the advancement of our fragile social fabric is futile.

Have you ever seen the joy in an elderly person, retired, isolated from
the world, on the Internet, communicating with both the young and old.
The most beautiful sound I heard this week was my mother, a grandmother,
telling me how much she want to .... " cruise the net and explore
cyberspace ..." with a sound of excitement in her voice I have not
heard in years.

We stand on the edge of a social event that has the potential to
reshape the world, much like Einstein's much hailed atomic theories.
IPSPA.ORG should consider the social benefit that the Internet brings
to society, our children, our grandparents, the isolated, the weak.

This is our ultimate social responsibility as citizens. If we do this
with kind consideration of our fragile infrastructure as we build
networks, our civilization benefits greatly.

There are a lot more "profits" to reap than the $$$$ mentioned earlier.
There is an intangible social benefit that will do more for our
democracy and society than money can ever buy.

That is what we should strive to obtain and value...... the things
in life that money, included federal money cannot buy and has never
bought since the dawn of social programs in the country.

.... quixotically believing in the American dream.....


As long as it is "quixotic" not chaotic