Uh, you have been pre-dated by about 3 years by the

  Commercial Internet Exchange

lots of network operators and access providers already belong.

If what you propose hasn't been done in that already-existing forum,
maybe there's a reason that would foretell the expected success
of another parallel organization?


I expect Mike that Tim is well aware of the history of the CIX which just
a year ago was reaching an all time low. Now Bob collet has done well
since he took over, but the CIX still does not have widespread support.
It formed a CIX mail list about a month ago. I joined. *NO* traffic.
It has never been able to communicate outside the bounds of its own
members and until it finds a way to do this successfully will not become
*THE* trade association that I think the industry really DOES need.
Tim's posts may be a bit quixotic but they DO point to an unfilled need.