Okay, so I am a little nuts. I've sent a domain template
to the NIC for IPSPA.ORG.... It just seemed like the right
thing to do :slight_smile:

1) Next week, I'll register IPSPA as a non-profit corp in some
  nice state;

2) Maybe we will get lucky and have some members;

3) We will build low cost NAPs for IPSPA.ORG members;

4) We will aggressively solicit corporate and government
        funding for projects;

5) We will drink beer and eat pizza at our meetings;

6) We will throw together an IPSPA.ORG home page;

7) We can watch all the big IP players laugh as we grow and
        take a lot of abuse as a new organization;

8) We might even draft an IPSPA post NSF AUP for fun and
  address topics like child pornography, spam, and other
  impossible topics;

9) We will hire Washington lawyers to advocate our position
  on every front in the beltway and use PGP as a rule;

10) Maybe we will form a non-profit common carrier while
  we are at it and substantially reduce all IPSPA.ORG
  members transit costs;

11) We will have our meetings only in the best climates
  depending on the season;

12) We will think of ways as a 'new frontier' network based
  organization to generate income ( and beg money from
  members );

14) We will create a board of directors that are not enjoy
  well defined conflicts of interests (maybe);

15) We will apply to the FCC for our on set of frequencies
  to develop lost cost wireless access at T1 speeds
       and above.

Between laughing and while we are waiting on the new domain and
I get motivated and fix Majordomo.....

soon to be:


Why not? Other ideas and organizations have happened. Stranger
things have happened..... and with enough support... who knows?