More mail trouble, save me from MIS departments everywhere

I know, be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

I asked for my mailbox to be restored, which the MIS folks did. Unfortunately
they wiped out the current mailbox while restoring the old mailbox. So now I
have my old messages back, but lost all the new mail. For those that asked,
this mailbox does not involve my current employer, it is my personal mailbox
hosted by another provider.

Sorry to keep doing this. I'm going to start printing my e-mail on paper,
then I only need to worry about the F451 problem.

If you sent me mail about the Y2K mailing list between 6am CST Monday Nov 22
and 6am CST Tuesday Nov 23, would you please send me another note. You don't
need to send me anything if sent me something outside of that 24 hour period.

During that 24 hour period I received about 60 messages, including several
from international ISPs. I didn't want someone to think I was ignoring them.
In particular, there were two people who offered to let me uses their facilities
for hosting the mailing list.