more keynotification


there seem to be some, uh, `interest' in
keynote info last time it came up
so just fyi (i.e., does not consititute
endorsement or dismissal of content)

[randy, why don't we just meet at ietf
so you can main me in person for posting
this rather than wasting nanog b/w on it]


Although the recent spam debate
has provided me enough fodder for the
humor mill, when I went to check out this
faux backbone performance index, I was humored by
clicking on the link to #10 (dataXchange)

Seemed to take me somewhere unbecoming of a backbone
provider :slight_smile:

Cheers to keynote for another exemplary listing.

brad reynolds
"Faith: not wanting to know what is true."
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

I attended a [XIWT] meeting recently at which the CEO of Keynote made
some very interesting, direct and candid statement with regards to what
he feels about the applicability (NOT!) of his measurements for ISP
performance ranking published. Given I am in overlapping space with
Keynote and may have skewed hearing, I wonder if Tracy Monk (CAIDA) or
others who were in the meeting can try paraphrasing what he said.

John Leong