more ISP regulation for UK ?

After Nederlands, things may also move in UK against eCrime

+ apComms backs ISP cleanup activity

The All Party Parliamentary Communications Group (apComms) recently published their report into an inquiry entitled �Can we keep our hands off the net?�
They looked at a number of issues, from �network neutrality� to how best to deal with child sexual abuse images. Read the report for the all the details; in this post I�m just going to draw attention to one of the most interesting, and timely, recommendations:
51. We recommend that UK ISPs, through Ofcom, ISPA or another appropriate organisation, immediately start the process of agreeing a voluntary code for detection of, and effective dealing with, malware infected machines in the UK.
52. If this voluntary approach fails to yield results in a timely manner, then we further recommend that Ofcom unilaterally create such a code, and impose it upon the UK ISP industry on a statutory basis.

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