more info on SBC/Nap

I've just been told that SBC/PacBell is in process of renumbering
the PacBell exchanges in Oakland and LA. So you should not see
either or in your traceroutes or from
your peers as of 28 feb 2002.


Thanks Bill!

Just one clarification - participants were told this would happen on 6-March.

From the note sent out to participants on Monday:
PBNAP-SF - 198.32.128.x will become: 206.223.120.x
PBNAP-LA - 198.32.129.x will become: 206.223.121.x

If you are a participant and didn't get a copy of the note with dial-in number for the maint. window drop me a line and I'll put you in touch with the folks at the NAP.


I assume the switch happened? In any case, there are no DNS servers listed for
the in-addr records of these two blocks; is this by design?