More hardware design (was Re: GigaRouter)

They're pretty costly, but they run cool, take up wee space and use only
65 watts for the CS500 standard version. We've standardized on them for
our colo recommendation. They charge about $2700 for a case, power supply,
passive backplane, floppy drive and P120 CPU card that comes with video
and all the basic ports. We always source the hard drive and memory
separately due to their exorbitant rates. I never priced one out without
the CPU though I was thinking I'd ask about that next time I call. They're
CPU prices are the most outrageous part, and I keep reminding them that
they're out of line with the industry by a mile. The price differential
between the P120 and the P166 for example is $900! You can get a P200 Pro
for less than that.



If you have any luck getting CPU-less pricing from them, please tell me
or nanog@. These are VERY nice colo boxes.


I didn't get an exact quote, but it's around $1800 for a case, ps, fd,
backplane and CPU card without the CPU. Be aware the CS500 has space for
only one low profile hard drive unless you take out the floppy. It has 2
ISA, 2 PCI and one ISA/PCI slot for the CPU card. Nice box, but costly
when you consider for the same price you can get a box with similar specs
PLUS 32 MB RAM, 3 GB HD, Pentium Pro 200 CPU.