More federal management of key components of the Internet needed

Any volunteers to inform Congress? They are hiring:

(surely they are some out work networking engineers available...)

The Congressional Research Service is now accepting applications for the
following two positions in its Resources, Science and Industry Division.
Interested applicants must either apply online at
(preferred) or call (202) 707-5627 to request an applicant job kit.
Please reference the appropriate vacancy number on all correspondence.
Applications must be received by October 29, 2002.

Specialist in Information and Telecommunication Engineering and Public

GS-15 ($92,060 - $119,682) - Vacancy #020233
This position will provide senior leadership and public policy expertise
on issues related to telecommunications, networking, and government
information policy, including information resources management,
convergence, and broadband technologies. The specialist will assess the
regulatory, legislative, economic and technical aspects of information
and telecommunications technologies in a broad public policy context.
Individuals with a policy/research background in telecommunications,
engineering, economics, or law are strongly encouraged to apply. This is
not an IT or technical position.