More Assistance available

Folks, As you begin rebuilding in NY and DC, I'd also like to offer up my
assistance to anyone who can use it. I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, but
would be happy to do anything I can to help you remotely. I'm quite familiar
with Cisco, Sun and x86. Reply off list if there's anything I can do.


Hello All,
  Same here. I, too, offer my assistance to anyone who can use
it for these circumstances. I'd be happy to help you out with anything I
can do remotely.
  I'm currently located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but some of
you on this list may recognize my name from while I was employed at
Planet Access in Stanhope, New Jersey.
  I'm also quite familiar with Cisco, Sun, and x86.



I can remotely help out with BSD/Linux (and others), NT and Cisco
administration and setup. I can also loan some DNS and hosting off
if needed.


I'm sitting on the other side of the Atlantic, able to offer little practical assistance (although I do know of a couple of spare racks in Telehouse London which we would be happy to host servers etc in, and I can provide local (to London) and remote UNIX sysadmin).

What I have done though is spend a few hours putting together a site at:
to help coordinate some of the help offers.

Anyone can sign up to post offers of assistance which are then listed on the site.

I'll add some smarts to the listings page later today/tomorrow to do searching by skill/service/location etc, but it's there to start populating up now.

I'm very happy to crunch through the various offers posted to this list and paste them into the DB, but I'm not sure about how the folks who posted them would feel about me copying their nanog posts.

Please mail me off-list if you want me to do this, or go to the site, sign up, and post it there yourself.

I've added Rob's new site (tx, Rob!) to the list I'm keeping, which
so far includes just that site, the WSTA site, and the Nanog archives.

I'm also mirroring the major infrastructure updates by Sean D and
others as they come out, including the rumor control updates and
press releases. Please feel free to cc any material directly to
me as well.


Rob Pickering wrote: