MLMs and RFC2822 filtering

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Hey, I suspect this is an appropriate forum for discussing mail
filtering, since it involves interoperation between sender and

The basic problem is that different MLMs identify remailed mail
using different techniques. The net result is that you can't
start filtering until you've received at least one email and
dissected it.

Worse, you can't distinguish it from UBE.

Some MLMs have changed their mind multiple times (mailman has done
so at least three times).

This madness must stop.

You may be asking yourself "why don't you just use procmail ^TO?"
Well, it can't distinguish between email CC'd to you and sent to
you via a mailing list. Also, it can't distinguish between email
CC'd to two lists, and it can't recognize email BCC'd to a list.

Does anyone care to forward this on to any MLM maintainers they
know? How hard would it be to standardize this?
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The whole point of the Internet is that different kinds of computers
can interoperate. Every time you see a web site that only supports
certain browsers or operating systems, they clearly don't get it.

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