mitel hx5000

does anyone have any contacts at mitel that they can share or forward me onto

of our sister company’s took over a small customer who has a mitel hx5000 and we are having a devil of a time trying to get support from mitel

as they want us to sign a long term maintenance contract which normally we would have no problem with however come end of september we will be migrating them to are in house platform and unfortunately none of the local vendors offer short term contracts and the sister company in quiston will not budge on the timeline

so i am hoping the world of NANOG has the ability to connect me to someone in mitel who would be able to help us out
mods if this breaks the rules please let me know i was unsure

Lead System Admin
Yakima Networking

Hi Sam,

You might have better luck connecting through the Mitel User Group - Last I knew they were active and quite helpful.