Missing registrations (when is a bogon not a bogon)

Based on the e-mail I got, I think several people missed Hank Nussbacher
and Barry Greene's presentation at the last NANOG.

We got a new volunteer, Terry Baranski to help out with the load.


In the presentation they list several ASN and Network blocks in use, but
not registered in any database.

We just got Lucent to correct their announcements. They had been announcing:
Network Origin AS Description 10455 Lucent Technologies
and with the help of Internap they have now fixed their announcement to comply with what appears in ARIN.

The US Department of Defense (AS 568) wins the prize for the most
unregistered network blocks being announced. But they weren't alone.

If anyone can help out here - it would be appreciated. We have been sending emails to anyone and everyone in AS568 since January - all of them generating not a single reply.

So if the US Military can hijack a few IPs, we will have a hard time convincing spammers and their shills to stop hijacking other available address space:

Network Origin AS Description 568 DISO-UNRRA 568 DISO-UNRRA 568 DISO-UNRRA 568 DISO-UNRRA 568 DISO-UNRRA

If you are going to start blackholing unregistered network blocks, I
suggest checking if the current user has nuclear weapons. But once again,
which ISP's aren't filtering?

Obviously, there are some since we do see these announcements pop up here and there.