misinformation and rumors from MCI

Here's a piece of mail I just got forwarded to me by a customer, originally
written by someone at "worlds.net". I wonder who at MCI is so incredibly
misinformed about small ISPs, to the point of denigrating them?

>I met with the regional direction for networkMCI services last week.
>One of the issues discussed was scruz-net.
>They are not a true Mae-west peer, meaning their only connection to
>the internet is through the Mae-west FDDI ring. Even worse, the only
>company who has agreed to peer with them (accept any traffic) is MCI.
>Thus, all scruz net traffic must enter and exit through the MCI
>router, even if bound for another peer on the ring such as Sprint or
>This was a mistake created by a single person at the internic, who
>didn't realize fully the ramification of having a non-nationwide
>network peering into mae-west. (all other peers at the mae's and
>nap's touch each other at multiple cross-over points)

For the curious, our 7505 at MAE-West peers with 15 other NSPs/ISPs who
are there, and since we don't buy transit from MCI the _only_ traffic that
enters the MCI router is traffic for their customers. Anybody at MCI
who is interested in educating their "regional directors" about how the
technology actually works might want to do so soon.

-matthew kaufman

Don't worry: I heard the exactly same story: an MCI sales 'pro' from
around here tells customers, IDT is a second line provider and not at any
Just sales guys who want a comission (rendering a bad service to their
company, however). No problems with MCI for sure. Bet they would like to
which sales guy you talked to