Minneapolis: 2 reports of tornado touchdowns

I'm kind of surprised that there has been no metion of
network outages in Minneapolis, despite tornado(es) touching
down there tonight and power outages:


- ferg

Tornadoes aren't an unheard-of phenomenon in the Midwest, and smart NSPs
and ISPs will have planned for such events.

Representing a large enterprise company in the twin cities, we didn't
feel any impact from the storms as far as our carriers go (we use the
big 3, RBOC and others); no blips. The areas affected are "suburban"
for lack of a better term without much carrier presence (CO's are
obviously abundant, but they took it well AFAIK).

In other news our data center (located in one of hard-hit areas)
switched over to generator without even a flicker of the lights and
all is well there. So, success stories from my perspective.

Being a paid-on-call firefighter for one of those suburbs, well, that
was a different story and way off topic.

- Scott