Mikrotik & OC-3 Connection

Thanks for the tip - that sounds very nice indeed, very much like what I
had in mind. It's nice to know that *someone* in the generic free OS
world has had the foresight to design this thing right. (Just to be
clear, I have no political preferences between Linux and FreeBSD; to me
it's all a matter of what works and what I'm familiar with.)

But it won't matter until I build the hardware: I want to build the
hardware first, the HW itself will be totally open source as in free
schematics and full docs etc, and then we'll think about which free
OS(es) we want to run on it.

I still want to build my MPC866 router platform though: even if the
software part has been solved by the fine FreeBSD folks, with the present
situation (PCI as the expansion interface on FreeBSD/Linux-based routers)
one still has the issue that the HDLC interface or the ATM SAR block has
to be wheel-reinvented each time someone wants a different flavor of
Layer 1 physical interface. The situation is even more pronounced when
a given Layer 1 medium type (say, T1 or SDSL) exists in both HDLC and
ATM flavors. I would really like to be able to have a single hardware
card that supports both: it is trivial with MPC86x, but I expect it to
be cost-prohibitive to do that on a PCI card.