Microsoft SNDS contact

We've been trying to get SNDS access for our IP space, and we keep running into issues where the SNDS site is unable to determine what emails it should use to authorize access. SNDS support has so far been very unhelpful, they keep trying to tell us to submit the space as individual /24's, which is less then helpful when we have multiple /18s we're trying to set up.

Does anyone have a contact at Microsoft that can help?

What if you key in the AS<number> ?

$ whois -rB AS<number> | grep @
% Abuse contact for 'AS<number>' is '<example@domain.tld>'

Which RIR is your ASN listed with?


E.g. with asn 20473. Key that in. I can select the address fetched from
a background WHOIS lookup by MS Smart Network Data Service. For the
confirmation email to be sent to.

We've tried this approach in the past, but it ends up dragging in a lot of IP space that we're announcing on behalf of customers. This is less then ideal, as then we either have to go back and manually remove all the customer owned IP space, or deal with a bunch of noise from it. We'd be willing to accept that as a solution if it were a one-off thing, but it's a lot of extra work to do every time we acquire more IP space.

Hey Brian - try IIRC that’s more geared towards JMRP, but I think there’s a chance.

Postmaster at Wish


Yea, that’s the email we’ve been using (that’s trying to tell us to just split it into /24s)

Ah, oops.