Microsoft SNDS contact with a clue?

Is there anyone around from Microsoft that can help me with a SNDS verification issue?

I'm having problems where the verification system is trying to use the wrong WHOIS server, and the responses I'm getting from support don't really indicate they understand the issue.

I also have a different problem where I have a /17 and support keeps telling me I need to go and verify all the /23's within it... which is going to take quite awhile.

Unfortunately, that’s the generic SNDS support email I have been talking to. They don’t appear to be able to actually fix anything.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no-one with a clue at Microsoft SNDS. For well over a year I’ve been trying to get them to fix a bug in JMRP which means that we can’t add one of our authorised ranges from SNDS to the existing JMRP feed (which works for all of the other ranges), but on the rare occasion when they can actually be bothered to reply unfortunately no-one there seems to be able to read.

Edward Dore
Freethought Internet