Michael Lynn's presentation


J. Oquendo wrote:


I find it rather funny, really.

Back in defcon, everybody was trading the presentation quietly and eagerly.

Then every kiddie started asking if anyone wants it.

Then we all got URL's to download it from.

Then there was another pass of "psst, want the Lynn presentation?"

And eventually, there was a CD placed on every table at defcon with the presentation.

Seeing big-time secret-handshake groups take this with a whisper and a "if I know you, email me and I might share it" was a bit silly.

Once again every Bad Guy in town had it and the Good Guys didn't want to share under different excuses, some good, some sad.

I find that sharing the presentation openly on NANOG is a bit of a bad move because of how some may perceive it and you, but it has become completely silly not to do it. So I ask that people reserve judgment.. I was very tempted to do it myself.