MGE UPS Systems

I'm curious if anyone might know what the future of the MGE line of UPS
systems are. My concern is that they're dead-end since being merged into
APC, and APC wanting to sell me APC stuff. The problem I face is that my
facility was designed with separate equipment spaces, which is great for
normal electrical gear that can be backed against a wall, but not so
great for a product which is designed for the "everything goes in with
your racks" mindset. Any insight would be appreciated.

I heard the MGE product set was designed to replace the "typical/old" UPS
product sets, like the Silcon Series, and that APC branded units would be
concentrated on the "Symmetra" product line. Keep in mind the Symmetras
above around 30kva are self contained units that are really racked in the
same rack as other equipment.