Has anyone seen an ATM participant list for MAE-E and MAE-W?
Is it worth (peer wise) starting the migration process from
Legacy FDDI to ATM?


Steve Feldman <> on 09/08/98 04:29:27 PM

Kyle, I am on both ATM naps, and I am on some legacy FDDI.
Even if you just picked up your existing peers, and the routes
were taken from the ATM fabric it would be worth it.

I am more than willing to meet you ate MAE-E ATM.

I am also interested in meeting

Say the word and we'll meet you at west, as well.

First one's on will get all those wonderful MAE routes,
without the "joy" of the shared fabric.

(I would be more than willing to meet there, as well..)

One Call Communications, Inc.

Does anyone know the pricing structure for the ATM MaeEast? Where is it?
in it?

We're just about to so something there, ia m curious.