MFS WorldCom/WilTel/LDDS

To be more precise it would have had merit if Internet
metering was at least remotely technically feasible.

IBM Israel has been handling its leased line and Web sites
with metering since day 1. We have a an NV/6000 application
that polls the routers where the leased line has the
interface or subinterface to the customer. We have a table
indicating what the line speed is. On the 1st of every
month, the user is automatically emailed an accting
report indicating line usage and as a percentage of the
total max thruput. We have a number of levels (10%, 30%,
70%, etc.) and the user pays based on their actual
thruput levels.

We track each virtual Web site for thruput also but
bill based just on disk space allocated (simpler model
than for leased lines).