MetroE and Telephone Taxes

Hey all,

My provider here in SoCal is charging me 8% or so telephone taxes on our MetroE
products. This seems fishy to me and I can't find any cut and dry rules about
private Ethernet / MetroE being under these rules. The same provider selling
internet / DIA has no taxes whatsoever.

Anyone out there getting charged ULS and other telephone taxes on MetroE
circuits? Or can anyone point me to somewhere that shows that it shouldn't be
charged telephone taxes? Assume there are no voip calls traversing these
circuits. I believe ULS is Federal, the other 3-5% is CA taxes on CLECs.


First of all, you should be consulting with an accountant and/or lawyer.

Regarding internet service itself, the tax free status was recently made

The related bill:

IANAL, and I’m not your accountant either.

- Jared