Methods for managing large customer/internal mgmt ACLs?

I'd be grateful for insight into what tools/methods are being used out
there for managing and deploying large numbers of large customer and/or
internal management ACLs, specfically for Cisco devices. Is vi/RCS/tftp
the most common toolset, or is anyone using the Cisco ACLM (I doubt the
latter, but thought I'd ask, anyway) or other systems?

Thanks in advance . . .

May be many people are also using a custom Perl script to perform tasks
similar to ACLM?

In that case, a company which is member of Gitoyen will release RSN :slight_smile: under
the free software licence GPL a tool very similar to ACLM but without the
fancy and heavy user interface (just text files you edit with vi and store
into CVS). Also, unlike ACLM, it works not only with IOS' ACLs but also with
Ipfilter (FreeBSD), Netfilter (Linux >= 2.4), etc.

Stay tuned :slight_smile: