[members-discuss] Re: RIPE NCC Position On The ITU IPv6 Group (fwd)

Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2010 16:55:43 +0100
From: Adam Waite <awaite@tuenti.com>

> Hm, I was under the impression that ARPANET was a government run
> network...
Not since 1992......what you're looking for these days is NIPRnet and
SIPRnet, and ESnet, etc, etc, etc.

While ESnet is funded by the Department of Energy and they certainly
define the strategic policy of ESnet, they don't make design decisions
nor get involved with the technical end of the network.

ESnet is run by the University of California's Berkeley Lab under
contract to the DOE. This may sound like hair splitting, but it is
really very different from Fednets like NIPR and SIPR (and many, many
others) including the Department of Energy's own DOEnet. Note that
DOEnet is used for DOE business operations while ESnet is use support
DOE funded research.

just to undermine the ITU's (only) point,

why don't we simply have IANA delegate lets say 25% of the available ipv6 space to AFRINIC and APNIC now, like, -now- already...

if they're so concerned about the "developing countries" surely, most of them would be in those regions :stuck_out_tongue: and that should cover their need for centuries to come...