MEDIA EVENT: New Star Wars trailer

In case you were wondering why your network traffic patterns shifted.

I guess Lucasfilm expected the trailer to end up on the web sites anyway,
and wanted to beat them to the punch. Apple and Lucasfilm have put the
final Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace trailer up on their official web
sites 24 hours in advance of its release in theatres.

Of course, hardcore geeks will want to see it on the big screen anyway.
Especially since Apple's Quicktime player is not available for Unix. Yes,
there is a freeware Quicktime, but I'm definately in unsupported land with
my Alpha running Digital Unix MultiMedia AV300, serial number "NONE" :-(.

ObNetOp: The fiber in Smyrna, GA has been spliced. I think CSX is still
ahead of Qwest in number of cuts, but Qwest is catching up fast.