What kinds of routers can route at near wire speeds a bunch of ports at

     > 155Mb ATM?
     None right now. Gigarouter can handle it theoretically, but...
     I'm being picky, but it's a moot question since doing wirespeed OC3c using
     ATM is impossible in of itself. Hell, mapping of SONET framings to ATM
     cells take off about 6 mbps right there.
     Anyway, until then you have a router that can do this, there always are
     ATM switches + cluster of routers.
True, Netstars's Gigarouter is the fastest one shipping now. Its
aggregate advertised bandwidth is 16 Gbps using a 16x16 matrix
of non-blocking crosspoint switches.

I have assembled a list of several best effort packet routers including
known research efforts:

Corrections and additions are welcome.


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