MCI to market MSN

> MCI and Microsoft will now be building networks together, MCI ditching
> Netscape and starting to sell Microsoft network access tools & pushing
> MSN...

Interesting considering: MCI and News Corp. have an agreement to jointly
develop/promote InternetMCI and Delphi. And UUNET and Microsoft have an
agreement to provide Internet access/MSN dialup.

Last paragraph of article read:

" MCI's move is a step away from its relationship with News Corp, whose
Delphi on-line service, with 200,000 customers, is about a quarter the
size of Microsoft's MSN."

Bye Bye, Delphi.

It is a wonder to me that Microsoft is using UUNET for MSN dialup and MCI
for, to quote the article, "Internet access and telecommunications
provider". If I was with UUNET, I certainly would be upset that I get to
watch modems blink while MCI gets to hyperstream.

Wonder if this sort of thing is anything like the cable/telco/media
"interactive TV" alliances of a year or two ago?

Can we now get MSNBC over our MCI ISDN?

Did anyone else note the MSNBC advertisement following the SuperBowl?