MCI outages (summary)

From: "Jeff Young" <>
you've been around long enough to know the drill, you call
your upstream, he calls his, etc., etc.,

Actually, the "drill" is as follows:

1) makes sure it's not a problem with my upstream, that is singly homed
   to MCI. It wasn't.

2) since my upstream is singly homed, they have no interest in solving
   MCI routing problems, and refer all such calls to the MCI NOC.

I think the traceroute fails at this hop. Outages work just like
routing, you pay , X pays MCI, if your not happy you call X,
X calls MCI, if X doesn't call MCI, then why would you buy service from
them? This is the standard operator proceure, if there ever was one.
(In this case X hasa circuit id, and the problem will get through to
the correct noc people that can look up IP addresses, providing a bunch of
bozo's are calling into the MCI noc pretending to be customers, wasting
everyone's time.