MCI outage

the relationship between mci and bbn is one of peering. bbn
is no longer a transit customer of internetMCI. we peer with
them directly in multiple locations. i can't speak with authority
about the relationship between bbn and at&t. i understood that
it was one of provider/reseller.

Jeff Young

As an ISP, BBN may be peering with MCI(the ISP), but I too had the
Understanding that Some of BBN's fiber was leased from MCI(the telco?).
Anyone else with insight ?


I think the day is long gone when any meaningful insight can be gained by
looking at this kind of thing. It is entirely possible that SprintLink is
leasing MCI T3's and InternetMCI is leasing Sprint T3's and that both of
the T3's are running in the same fibre bundle owned by Worldcom.

The three layers, IP services, digital data service, and dark fiber, are
getting rather intertwingled and this doesn't even take into account usage
of frame networks or ATM networks. I'm not implying anything specific
by naming the three companies above, just that it is not very easy to find
out where a particular IP provider gets their service and it is hard to
extrapolate anything useful from that information if you did know it.

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