MCI noc


   I work for the Network Operations Center for the Army Corps of
Engineers. We ( are basically the ISP for the entire Corps. One
of our internet service gateways is provided by MCI and we are having a
hell of a time getting a service issue with them resolved. Some time at
about 1:00 pm PST that gateway went down. Apparently, someone in their
provisioning group has decided to administratively shut down their
interface to us. That much I gathered from talking to someone in their
Internet group. He couldn't give me a good reason why this was the case
and the vapid account managers can't even find a circuit id and can't get
their connections to the MCI noc to do anything. I haven't been able to
get a hold of any one from their Internet group since then. This is
absurd. Is there anyone from MCI here who might be able to give me a

The connection back up. MCI has to figure out how to get their
billing people to talk to their account service people and their INOC