MCI [ATM overhead]

From: (Jon Zeeff)
Subject: Re: MCI [ATM overhead]
To: (Tim Salo)
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 09:04:44 -0500 (EST)

> Line Rate 155.520 Mbps
> Available to ATM 149.760
> Available to AAL 135.632

> The reader can apply their favorite packet size distributions to these
> numbers.
> Having said all that, I am not sure where that leaves us.

That leaves us with the throughput of two DS3 links. It doesn't seem worth
the effort given how short term a solution it is.

I am not sure I follow your arithmetic. The line rate on a DS-3 is
44.736 Mbps. You need to subtract several overheads from that: at
least some DS-3 and some PPP overhead.

How does that add up to half of the throughput of an OC-3c IP/ATM link?

As long as I took this opportunity to inquire, what to you mean by
"given how short term a solution it is?"