MCI [ATM overhead]

From: (Tim Salo)
> From: Wolfgang Henke <>
> SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) speeds given in Mbps
> nominal w/o Sonet ATM TCP/IP
> overhead
> OC-3 STS-3c 155.520 149 122 137 future net backbone
> [...]

I think your 122 Mbps "ATM" number could be a bit confusing, even knowing
the assumptions you described in earlier mail. (Also, more bandwidth seems
to be available to "TCP/IP" than appears to be available from ATM...)

I believe that the number is for TCP/IP carrying capacity _without_ ATM.

One could remove the ATM overhead, but then one has a point-to-point
link, rather than a link over which data from many sources can be

Rather, that leaves us with the excellent (very desirable) option of a
link where data from many sources are multiplexed by TCP/IP....

I do not see what ATM buys in this situation.
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