MCI and SprintLink are partitioned (fwd)

. are all three (four?) NAPs really being used

  Yes. for some value of "used".

. Is there any evidence that the NAPs are really backing each other

  Not sure this is possible. Perhaps the better question is,
  are providers using the NAPs to back each other up.

. do we have some regular examples from *any* site A initiating a
   connection from A to B, A to C, and A to D, where the three are
   verifiably (via traceroute, I guess) would traverse different NAPs
   (and hopefully only one each)?


. Are there routing stability reports accessible online from the RA
   (or whoever else feels responsible for this) that graph fluctuations
   at the NAPs, including correlation among them? What are the quality
   metrics for routing stability?

  Being defined.

. Do all the NAPs provide online statistics?


. Are the NAP and RA regular reports to NSF publicly (hopefully via
   the Web) available? have the annual report/plan papers

. Is there any way NANOG can be used to exchange status information
   accessible via the network. Is someone already working on that?
   Would not NANOG be *the* forum to cooperate on that?

  Sounds like a really good idea to me.