MCI Accepts Worldcom's Bid? ; charset=us-ascii

Given WorldCom's past integration history with the UUNet, along with their
earlier offshoots like Gridnet; I would tend to agree that they will keep
these companies functionaly disparate at least for the near future. It
would consume far too much time, and far too many resources to attempt to
merge these different networks. Plus, as noted by other posts, to what end
would merging serve? Simple issues such as IGP scaling, different legacy
platforms, and other existing operations would provide too much resistance
to a seamless, immediate merger. I don't think WorldCom will risk fixing
something that ain't broke.

I would look for each company to compete in their own way, and work to fill
a market niche just like the Mopar example above.

If and when UUNet, ANS, and InternetMCI becomes UUMCIANet, it yet may not be
a bad thing, as this may open the door for more competitive 'regional'
backbone providers to crop back up to fill the void that WorldCom and its
children will vacate as they move up the food chain.

Who knows....we'll see I suppose.


Yo Al!

Just two months ago I ordered from MFS/Worldcom a 26 mile point-point T-1
to connect our main sales/development office in San Francisco to our
equipment at the PAIX. No mention was ever made of bundling internet access
with it, and in fact I ordered it via a salesperson down in the San Jose
office. The price was very competitive -- in fact, it was exactly half what
Pac Bell quoted me.

If you need the name of a Worldcom sales person in San Jost that does not
suck, please email me and I'll give you her info.