Maybe OT-Qwest DSL


Whether or not this is the appropriate forum, I'm going to vent. So thank
you for your patience.

I just had a Qwest DSL tech tell me to go f--- myself. Unfortunately his
buddies won't let me know who his management is. If anyone can refer me to
contact information for the Qwest megacentral management team, I would
greatly appreciate it.

Christopher J. Wolff, VP CIO
Broadband Laboratories

I just had a Qwest DSL tech tell me to go f--- myself.

How did you manage to talk to them to begin with? They had
some larger outage this morning and the 888 number just
returned a busy signal all morning (I guess that's what
you get from not setting up a simple 'network status'

Of course if a customer is down, it doesn't matter if you had the
greatest network status page with 24/7 realtime updates, as their only
method of finding out what is wrong is using the telephone to call you.
At the same time.

My cable provider has this issue. About once every 4 months (or every
major major thunderstorm), theres a major island-wide outage. Since
they have a very high market saturation, you now have thousands of
people calling in to the call center.

- James