May COOK Report Published tonight (fwd)


if the preponderence of the membership feels the same way as you do we'll
obviously not pursue this approach. What are your thoughts on the
alternative approach of simply enhancing existing InterNIC operations
through supplementary funding, e.g., from CIX, ISOC, etc.


Bob Collet

Its simple, get out of the routing business. Get out of the Cloud
business, get out of anything but, the lobby business. Look at that deal
in Washington State ! The CIX , totally focused on being a trade org.
may very well have been able to do something about such actions. Alot of
people agree that there is a real need for a good org. to represent the
Internet providers. Waiting until June to talk about such matter in
sunny Hawaii is a lifetime in this business. RBOC's fighting daily to
get in to the LD business , Sprint sure is heck is spending $$$ with
all the right groups to make sure they come out with their fair share.
So why should the internet be any different ?


People don't trust the Cix. That could always change. Continue to block
routes, run a router, talk of being an RA , Why not a focus on the
Capital Hill area and forget the rest of the nonsense ?

As for the router of last resort, I would say sell it to the highest
bidder. Before you do, have all members sign it. After all alot of them
have had their hands on it / in it.

J stroup