MARTINI: why it matters to Voice over IP service providers -- and why we want YOU to attend the Virtual Interim on February 9, 2010

The IETF MARTINI WG has been chartered to standardize an important aspect of
SIP trunking: multiple AOR registration.

This is not one of those "we'll deliver a standard when we're good and
ready" working groups.

This WG is aiming to deliver a single standard solution that can displace
the myriad of adhoc "implicit registration" approaches that exist today.

The goal is to change SIP trunking forever, or die trying.

Not 5 years from now, not 2 years from now, but NOW.

MARTINI will hold its third virtual Interim (yup, three 2.5+ hour interims
in a period of less than 6 weeks) on February 9, 2010.

If you are a Voice over IP service provider, and you care about the future
of SIP trunking, then you need to attend MARTINI Virtual Interim III, or
lose your whining rights, forever.

The strawman agenda and the conference parameter details are available here:

Presentations and minutes from the previous virtual interims are available

The IETF MARTINI WG: not another half-baked standards working group that
nobody cares about.

Bernard Aboba